Warm-Hearted Hospitality for Enhanced Connection with People Warm-Hearted Hospitality for Enhanced Connection with People




Comfortable Spaces with
Sharp Interior Accent of
Earth Tones

Step within and experience the wonder and mystery of a world where relaxation and stimulation coexist in a harmonious space. Teleport yourself to come and go into this unique life zone where enhanced connections bring rich sensitivity to human communication that generates joyous discovery of what’s possible.

Come to Yokohama Minato Mirai and feel how special is this place that nurtures your dreams today and expands them into the future.

Expect the Unexpected Thrilling Moment Informing
Your Life Today and Tomorrow

Expect the Unexpected Thrilling
Moment Informing Your Life
Today and Tomorrow

Relax in this world where your imagination has room to roam, in a space and time that sharpen sensitivity.
Here you’ll savor that richly rewarding sense of time travel that
smoothly, elegantly traverses past, present, and future.


Let the Moon’s Power Draw
You into Space & Time Set
in the Future

Take the solid black elevator to 9F lobby, where a huge lunar objet greets you. The exciting BGM plus Grab & Go space catapult your mind into a realm of the future where sight and sound and taste are totally enhanced. Relax at the bar counter as you like, check into your guestroom, and move on to the next space that awaits you.


Work in Space and Time That
Sustain Your Creativity

You want space and time to create new ideas, move forward with projects while brainstorming with colleagues. Welcome to the world of Minato Mirai, where creative business people of like mind and taste come together to share concepts and cultural perspectives. For a variation on office space, shift your mood and work array to a shared worktable in our 9F lounge. Here you and kindred spirits spend time in a space at your own pace, where creativity blooms under two sources of nourishing input: stimulation and motivation.


Eat, Drink, Relax, and
Relate to Kindred Spirits
in an Amiable Space

Let the stimulation continue with friends or family in our restaurant after the glow of a live performance, event, or sightseeing in the bustling Yokohama metropolis. There’s no finer accompaniment to savory dining than the photogenic vista opening before your eyes in this space where lunchtime and any mealtime is joyously shared with comrades, colleagues, or family.


Switch Off and Chill Out
in Natural Guestrooms
Healing All Fatigue

Guestrooms are designed with special focus on space for enhanced daily living with sophisticated interior accents to inspire positive energy. Dive into the bed for relaxed vitalization that transports you at maximum warp to travel smoothly into a galaxy of star-filled dreams where no one has gone before.


Enjoy the energizing space found in each of our 234 guestrooms, optimizing simple, elegant designs for two in our double and twin rooms,
as well as our deluxe twin rooms accommodating three to four guests in stylish comfort.

Nearby Attractions

Yokohama Bay Bridge

by car

This two-layered bridge connects Honmoku Pier and Daikoku Pier with the Metropolitan Expressway’s upper level and the general road’s lower level and creates a beautiful landscape with the canal.

Yokohama Minato Mirai 21

on foot
to the central

In the central area are skyscrapers, a huge Ferris wheel overlooking Yokohama, museums. and tourist spots.

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses

on foot

These warehouses built in the Meiji (1868-1912) and Taisho (1912-1926) periods have been renovated into cultural and commercial facilities that daily attract tourists from Japan and from overseas.


Yokohama Tokyu REI Hotel
4, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama

By Train

  • Approx. 2 min. on foot from Shin-takashima Sta.
  • Approx. 10 min. on foot from Minatomirai Sta.
  • Approx. 10 min. on foot from Yokohama Sta. on JR, Tokyu, Keikyu, Sotetsu lines
  • Approx. 6 min. on foot from Takashimacho Sta. on Yokohama Municipal Subway Line

By Car

  • Approx. 2 min. from Minatomirai Exit on Metropolitan Expressway Yokohane Line

From Airports

  • Approx. 30 min. by car from Haneda Airport
  • Approx. 80 min. by car from Narita Airport

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